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Vinyl suggestions for gazebo logos please


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Vinyl suggestions for gazebo logos please

Hi all, ive been asked to put a crest and some text onto a pop up gazebo. Its a regular customer so i want to try and help them out. The material is like a waterproof nylon. The graphics will be all white so anyone any suggestions as to what to use. Im a little worried if i use a soft vinyl with packing and unpacking it wont stay pretty for long. Would people use a material that needs to be heat pressed? I dont have access to one of those if thats the case. All advice welcome thanks

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Re: Vinyl suggestions for gazebo logos please

Years ago for a restaurant in London I've done some cut Metatex from Metamark and than applied on site using and old iron. Letters lasted longer than the gazebo. In my case this was a large restaurant gazebo, dismantling for heat press in the office was not an option, hence I did this job with an iron on site with another person holding piece of wood / metal in the back.

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