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Winner Announced :- Wrap Like a King 2018 +VIDEO


Wrap Like a King 2018 Winner!
Mission Flyer 2.0 - MetroWrapz
North America - South
Project Mission Flyer 2.0 Takes Flight.

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This is Technical Sergeant Romeo Peart’s 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, wrapped as a WWII era P51 Mustang.
He is an active duty US Air Force Flight Engineer on the Mighty Combat Talon II aircraft. He first came to us to wrap his Hellcat inspired by a Tuskegee Airman Red Tail P51, to pay homage to the airmen who paved the way for him.
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The challenge presented to us was to re-design, as well as eliminate all of the original white color of the car. We created the artwork from historic photos to keep the design authentic to the original aircraft. While staying close to the original concept, we shifted the color scheme and added in some personal effects. The attention to details on this project has raised the bar of any wrapped vehicle we have ever created. Panel by panel, we methodically added shadows to every bullet hole to showcase depth in the layers of paint. All interior elements were changed to coincide with the design and color of the aircraft. No details were left uncovered resulting in wrapped doors, door jambs, under the hood, inside the engine compartment, inside of and under the trunk lid. The air tanks inside the trunk were wrapped as well. The details are so realistic that it is a challenge to decipher what is real to what is wrapped. The Avery Dennison Conform Chrome with matte lamination solidified the look of this one of a kind wrap.
What we have now is a perfect rendition of Sergeant Peart’s very own P51 Mustang……Mission Accomplished.

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