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Routing Underlays For Zund Cutters


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Routing Underlays For Zund Cutters

Hi All. We use a Zund S3 Series Cutter / Router and I was wondering where to obtain a decent underlay / sacrificial mat - preferably on a roll. We have been using our old conveyor belt but it is now in tatters. I've heard that you can use 3mm MDF but we are not keen on this due to the negative reputation it has in regards to Health and Safety.
I'd be very grateful for your wisdom on this subject.


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Re: Routing Underlays For Zund Cutters

We use 3mm MDF.
It is cheap, and is still usable after quite a few cuts.
Then we turn it over and use the other side.
You can pull a decent vacuum through it, and it keeps holding the work in place even after you have made lots of cuts.
I take your point about H and S though, we have been looking for an alternative.
I set up my toolpaths to cut only .3mm into it so it keeps the MDF dust to a minimum.
Let us know if you find anything else that works.

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