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Setting individual names in Corel


John Penkman

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Setting individual names in Corel

Hello All,

I currently have an order on each day where I receive a list of names to be vinyl cut, and the size of each name needs to be either 195mm wide or 65mm in height, basically which ever size it hits first either height or width.

I'm currently sizing each name individually, it can be between 70 or 80 names a day. Is there a way I can grab all the names at once to set them in one go with these parameters, or will I always need to set every name individually. :bangshead:

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Re: Setting individual names in Corel

if you are getting names by email highlight and copy
go to edit - paste special - text
all will be in a box - right click and convert to artistic text
they should all be in a row now so just draw a box to size and scale

well that's how I would do it anyway

Alan Drury

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Re: Setting individual names in Corel

I know this is an oldish thread but thought I'd post anyway.
If the names are supplied to you in a way that can be converted to csv or text then I would explore the mail merge feature in Corel Draw. Without looking at the job I can't be sure. I posted this video on YouTube, some parts are not relevant but it does cover basic mail merge and step and repeat. It is done in X8 but its fairly similar in the later versions.
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