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Which Squeegee? 3m Gold or Blue


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Which Squeegee? 3m Gold or Blue

Hi, We've always used 3M gold squeegee's as this is what our normal supplier generally stocked but I've just been having a look online and see they also do the blue version. Which do you prefer for vehicle graphics and why?


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Re: Which Squeegee? 3m Gold or Blue

I use teflon squeegees. they are more slippery on the surface, and they are less aggressive on bare vinyl

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Re: Which Squeegee? 3m Gold or Blue

Never used the 3m Blue squeegee but a quick look at a suppliers website tells me it is softer than the 3m gold & designed for vehicle wrapping.
If that is the case then you would be better sticking with the 3m gold for applying vehicle graphics, the blue version will probably perform just as well but will wear out 3 times as fast being a softer material :lol: :lol:

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