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BN20 error 109 help needed please


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BN20 error 109 help needed please


ive had a 2nd hand BN20 since march this year.
wipers have been changed since getting it.

few weeks ago Error 109 flashed up - switched off, cleaned round wipers, turned on again and all seemed ok.
printed daily since then with no issues.

when the machine tried to start up this morning there was a grinding, clicking kind of sound.
then the error message 109 flashed up again - turned machine off and cleaned thoroughly and machine did work again for at least a couple more meters of printing.

error message 109 has flashed up again and nothing will resolve the problem. again machine when starting up the grinding/clicking sound again.

any help will be greatly appreciated

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Re: BN20 error 109 help needed please

this might give you some help be it a different Roland most use same set up


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