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Roland PC60 Colour Camm Pro


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Post Sat Jun 19, 2004 12:39 pm

Roland PC60 Colour Camm Pro

Recently serviced & refurbished both mechanically & visually to pristine condition. New printhead, rubber drive rollers, cutting strip and control panel facia. All case internals cleaned (including cooling fan & circuit boards). All mechanical components checked for wear, cleaned & lubricated. This machine looks and runs like new!.
Offered for sale complete with:
Manual & Driver Disk
x3 Spare Cutting Blades
x1 Cutting Strip
x7 Genuine Roland Colour Ribbon Cassettes
x3 Metallic Roland Ribbon Cassettes
Cleaning Kit (Sheet & Pen)
x82 Spent Roland Ribbons (250 = free replacement head from Roland)

This machine is ready to go and will provide a trouble free entry into digital printing for the purchaser. A working demonstration can be arranged at your convienence. £1750. For sale due to arrival of Roland Versacamm.

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Post Sat Jun 19, 2004 1:17 pm

I have a suggestion :)
If you don't need the money for PX for the versacam , dont sell the machine. We use thermals and inkjets (the soljet and pc 60) side by side and one compliments the other , the pc60 is particularily valuable for small jobs , metallics , single spots etc and you can drive both from one computer and most likely use the same package to run each , alos very nice for adding an extra dimension to printed graphics as you dan do part of a print on the versacam and then another you couldnt do on the pc 60 , like for example doing a full colour small decal on the versacam and then spot print gold on clear on the pc 60 and overlay that on the printed graphic.

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Post Sun Jun 20, 2004 12:03 am

And just to add to Rodneys very professional (as usual) advice,

You can run all your plotters, thermals, inkjet printers, etc from one instance of software use an added LPT port card and assign your ports to individual devices through your output software ... pcipp2.htm

is the PCI interface, ISA slot, well they're dirt cheap, eBay.

If you're running U serial bus, you either already have enough or just buy a USB *self-powered port* hub.

Please just make sure the added ports are compatible with your OS, as some are not.

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Post Tue Jun 22, 2004 8:34 pm

roland pc 60

I am currently looking for a pc 60 / 600 printer/cutter. If you still have this for sale and wish to part with it e-mail me - in fact anyone wanting to sell one of these machines preferably with a recent/new print head please contact me

Jon Coombs

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