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HP Latex 500 Printer....What's everyone think?


James Sahota

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Post Mon May 02, 2016 10:31 am

HP Latex 500 Printer....What's everyone think?

Hey Guys,

Just seen these two videos showing casing the new HP Late 500, Thanks to my buddy Jason in Australia....

Machine looks remarkable and looks like HP have really ironed out some serious issues.

I really like it and think it could a real contender for our fleet.

Anyone know price points on these yet?

Watch on

Watch on

Robert Lambie

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Post Mon May 02, 2016 1:59 pm

Re: HP Latex 500 Printer....What's everyone think?

Just like Roland have done since they first launched the Versacamm, HP appear to be correcting and bettering their machines wherever possible.
They have some real nice modifications implemented in the new machines. I like the spindleless core and integrated takeup reel. 3L Bulk ink system etc with the ability to change on the fly. Even the beacon system is a nice touch, though isn't really new as it's been on the bigger LX3000 series for some time, it is a nice add-on for machine operators.
Obviously print speed etc are all major benefits but I also think a lot of the small things to make ease of running any machine is a BIG+ when it comes down to productivity.
It will be interesting to see the machine cost comparisons also...

Kevin Flowers

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Post Mon May 02, 2016 5:38 pm

Re: HP Latex 500 Printer....What's everyone think?

Have to say it looks like a very nice bit of kit, glad to see that manufacturers are taking note from sign makers. The fact that bulk systems are now available direct from them is a big plus point, looks like they are addressing concerns of printing banners are these machines which is another big plus. I personally think the only downside for HP is that these machines are being launched so close together and the modifications are not transferable on to the older machines. I know i would be totally peeved if i had just spent a big lump of cash on a machine that i was struggling to print banners with and a few months down the line the manufacturer brings out a newer version solving some of the issues.

That said think this printer is a big step in the right direction


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