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When is a sign not a sign? - When it's a fascia


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When is a sign not a sign? - When it's a fascia

I was recently contacted to provide a quotation for new pub signage. It turns out the owner wants to remove the wooden fascia in it's entirety and replace it with a plastic sign. I'm no architect, but I would be very wary of tackling something like this as I have no idea of what lies underneath or even if the fascia is a structural component of the building. All the jobs I have done in the past have involved fitting a sign to an existing fascia - removal of the fascia itself is a whole new area of which I have no expertise and I would have thought this should be undertaken by a builder with advice from an architect and the involvement of planning

Anyone have any advice to offer?

Attached is a photo of the building in question

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Re: When is a sign not a sign? - When it's a fascia

have done this before in a couple of shops but everyone is different, normally you will find either an RSJ behind or possibly a wooden beam etc . A lot of damage can be done removing it normally everything is built bespoke in to the property as in tied in to the top of the windows floor joists/ceiling joists etc the board itself is not normally structual but does tie everything together and make everything water tight which is hard to do with a conventional sign which would need a backing board putting in place anyway. The ones i was doing where the old style tilted fascias i was cutting them back so they sat upright to take a tray or sign box and i always had to marine ply them & make water tight with flashings etc.

With that one I would be inclined just to pull mouldings off so left with a flat board make good then new sign as close to the board size i could get. Selling point of leaving wood in place is that what you would use to replace it will not be off as good a quality as what was fitted all those years ago


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Re: When is a sign not a sign? - When it's a fascia

I would say it looks like building renovation sort of work. That first floor above looks particularly dodgy to me and I personally wouldn't want to remove anything below it on the understanding it was simply to fit a sign. I would expect it to be done by a builder/joiner business, possibly with the guidance of an architect or structural engineer - everything in writing! The final work should provide a flat surface, masonry or timber for future signwork to be fixed to.

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