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Hello from Belfast


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Hello from Belfast

Hi everyone. I am starting a small business here in Belfast, starting simple with an eye to growing into a full bespoke electric sign company. I am from the states and started out backspraying sign faces back in the day. When vinyl replaced the backspraying, I did a few other things then came back to the sign business and learned fabricating. I have spent the last 10 months teaching myself how to use inkscape and sign cut and am to the point where I can design basic things and cut them on my cutter. I have also been teaching myself the differant methods used in the UK such as the folded diabond tray sign and the built up perspex letter. I have made alot of aluminium reverse pan type letters in the states, but I would almost compare making perspex letters to making neon because in both you have a hot totally uncontrollable material in your hands that you have to subdue and control.
I have got to the point that I am ready to open for business and will likely start selling next week.
Thanks for all your tips and tricks. I have learned alot reading these forums.

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Re: Hello from Belfast

Thanks for the great Intro Del, and welcome to the boards mate. look forward to reading more of your posts mate and thank you for taking the time to load your profile picture. makes all the difference to your posts and the site too!

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Re: Hello from Belfast

Welcome Del. Good to have you on board. Enjoy!

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