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Advice on a wrap


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Advice on a wrap

ok we've been asked to quote on wrapping a van that is yellow at the moment and he is wanting it black with an image on the back.
Now I'm wondering weather its best to buy black vinyl in first and wrap it in that then place the image on top or if to print it all onto white vinyl..
The downside to that is i will have to laminate the black print also.

attached is the design he wants on his van.

Any advice would be great and never dont this kind of work before..
Matt Greer


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I'd wrap the van in black first avery supreme wrap is good from Robert Horne then apply the print over it
The supreme wrap is a good and really easy to use
I'd use avery 1950 or 3m control tac for the print over the top
Van looks good though.
Post some pics once you've done it

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OK first thing is to make sure the customer fully understands what you are doing & what they are paying for. Reason I say that is because with a yellow van the door checks for a start are going to be really noticeable unless you wrap them all as well, it will probably take you longer to wrap them than the rest of the van including the print & text lol.
Lot of work in doing areas like that which is why they often don't get done.

Do you have any experience with vehicle wrapping at all because if you haven't it could be a very expensive learning experience.
Is there the possibility of getting someone independent in to do it for you? Might mean you don't make anything on the job itself but the experience you will gain by helping an experienced wrapper would make it well worth it.

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I'd go with a black wrap first with 3M 1080 series and with the print use IJ380.
But, be warned if you've never wrapped a vehicle before it's not that straightforward!!

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Post Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:24 am

With out a better pic I think the fade of the print pic and the company name design will cause to many problems. . Not keen on wrap on wrap and as said door shuts . Sills etc. Very time consuming

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