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Qualification to stay within the law...


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Qualification to stay within the law...

Ok, now BEFORE everyone decides its fun to start slating me please read the following points:

- I consider myself confident and competent in dealing with electrics as my dad showed me a lot when he was alive.

- I DO NOT currently wire lighting myself and always have a contractor do this, he is retiring and I would like to do this myself (sometimes i watch and lend a hand)

- Any ideas about fitting plugs and PAT testing the equipment, is it viable as PAT is "portable" appliance testing?

Ok, thats out of the way... Basically as i mentioned above my contractor is retiring in a months time and I would like to start wiring myself. As you all know when i say wiring i mean connecting a couple of wires up and were not talking massive wiring jobs. As far as i am aware the law states that you dont have to have qualifications BUT if anything should happen I would need to be a competent person. Everyone i have asked says its a grey area and "competent" could mean numerous things and ask what do they mean by "competent"? It depends on the judge (if anything went to court).

What courses are there that would allow me to continue to offer lit signs incl. LED, HALOGEN, FLUORESCENT light fittings?

I know some people have mentioned sticking a plug on the wire and PAT test it, but surely under the regs we couldnt class a sign as a portable appliance?

Before i start rambling on i will leave it there, any help/ideas/thoughts MUCH appreciated...



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Post Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:17 pm

I think this topic has been mentioned before here, somewhere.

As far as i'm aware any 'competent' person can do the electrics but they then have to get a qualified person to 'sign the work off'

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Why would you risk it, even if you are "competent" get a qualified person in and make sure it's right and covered.

Rather be safe than sorry are the words I live by!


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To ensure competency, I think you would have to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the relevant parts of BS 7671, the IET (was IEE) Wiring Regulations.

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hi nick a small introduction in the say hello section will get you a better response to your question and you would be sticking to the board rules :D

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BS7671 requires electricians to be competent (not qualified) to carry out electrical work. The easiest way to demonstrate competence is through training, qualifications and current time served. If you are installing hard wired, the sign WILL require an installation certificate, or minor works certificate at the least.

If you go down the plug in route and PAT test (item does not have to be portable, just plug in or wired in at a fused spur) you could leave yourself wide open if you dont understand the regs. Electrical items outside require RCD protection......

Its all well and good using a Pass/Fail tester of FleaBay for £50, but you need the underpinning knowledge, training, insurance to do it safely.......Based on your post I would advise you to sub it out and pass the electrical responsibility over to someone who knows what they are doing.......easy for me to say as Im a qualled sparky....

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