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1 foot x 70 foot canopy edging alu-comp fitting


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1 foot x 70 foot canopy edging alu-comp fitting

hi guys

i'm on a big installation and wanted to put this one to you all. i have a canopy / overhanging-roof that goes around the building and we are wanting to fit white alu-comp alongside the entire edge, which is 12" in height by 70ft with 3 corners. (see photo, the edge where it currently says 'M.A. House')

the edge currently has a single line of slate on it and i'm not willing to drill holes in the alu-comp/slate because i want a clean look. i have seen the 3mm perimeter trim at jagsignsupplies and this seems ideal. just wondering how any of you guys would do this. the alu-comp will be in 8' lengths as i can get 4 out of an 8' x 4' sheet. sliding these lengths in between the trim seems much better than screwing / dimpling the alu-comp.

i've looked around and this trim seems like the perfect solution, any advice would be appreciated.


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If I remember rightly perimeter trim is an edging strip not a method of fixing panels to any sort of structure.
If you are looking for a clean face with no visible fastenings there are probably a number of ways you could do it. Hidden fastenings like bigheads, bond it in place are just a couple. Will depend on what materials the current front consists of & it's general condition.

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Post Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:31 am

The only way that you won't get ripples in a 70 fascia is to fold the ACM to make it stiff, put small 20mm return on the top and a longer 100mm return on the bottom, screw a small 15mm aluminium angle to the top of the fascia as a frame and fix through the return top and bottom, it's the only way it will work

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