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vinylmaster pdfs in onyx colour problem


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vinylmaster pdfs in onyx colour problem

I'm really struggling to export pdfs and use them in onyx. Everything seems to look great after I've exported it in the preview you get but when I import it in to onyx it seems to come through with all muted colours. I don't understand what i'm doing wrong, I've experimented with saving as a pdf and converting colours to cmyk, retaining spot colours etc, but am now scratching my head somewhat.

I'm hoping somebody may be able to throw some much needed light on the problem!

thanks in advance if you have any suggestions


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Ive never used onyx myself, but have you tried exporting it as something else ie an AI or EPS

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Do you have any transparencies used in the document? Try saving as PDF 1.5.


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It could be a colour management issue, if you are designing in RGB then a cmyk conversion can often give duller colours. CMYK has a smaller colour gamut so some RGB colours are not possible to print. Colour management will allow you to view what will print so you can do your adjustments on screen with more predictable print results.
Transparencies can be a problem with some RIPs - manually flattening is one answer but you may wnt to experiment with pdf X1a export as that is normally a good solution.
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