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Export - EPS

I have a Roland BN-20 and my prints now appear dull and washed out. If I print the test sheet, all is good, with nice vibrant colours, so I'm thinking its something to do with the eps convertion setting. (I had to reload Corel X4 due to PC issues!)
Spot colours are ok, but jpegs in the file print nothing like they used to!
Can anyone suggest what the settings should be?

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probably to do with cmyk or rgb images and in the export you have it the other way round, its a minefield so can't offer much more.

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Make sure you design in cmyk, your colour manager is set correctly and that when you export the eps it stays as cmyk (I set mine to native so colour stay in the model they were designed in) f you have convert spot colours to cmyk on you will see a colour shift as many Pantone colours cannot be printed accurately as cmyk.
X4 had the old colour manager, X5 onwards was significantly changed, I prefer it - that said I never really had a problem with X4
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