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what cutting software do i need to run with my imac?


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what cutting software do i need to run with my imac?

hi all,
just bought a new imac and need to no what software i can run to continue my sign cutting. asap help cheers

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What exactly are your cutting needs? Do you do strictly caste vinyl or do you also do printing on vinyl (such as for car wraps etc.)?

Others can probably be of more help as I just do the graphic layout portion of the job. Lots of people use Corel Draw which hasn't been available on a Mac for some time. Could maybe be run under Parallels or VM Ware, but not ideal set up really. Illustrator and Photoshop may be the way to go unless you get a dedicated software for sign layout and cutting. Some plotters may need special plug ins to work with Adobe apps though. I'll leave it to others to mention dedicated sign apps, as I don't use them and I don't know which ones are Mac compatible.

Good luck with sorting it out!

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hi i do a lot of sign writing for vans cars etc thats the main of my business. we will get into the printing but for now just sign writing.

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Look up signlab / flexisign etc, I'm sure more people will add, but you can normally get a full version free trial for a week or two, this will help you decide which package suits you best.


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Have you moved from windows to Mac? What software do you currently use?
Sign lab won't run on a Mac unless you use VM or parallels. Flexi will but only up to 7.5 on power pc. 8.5 will run on newer intel based machines. if you have a new iMac the OS is probably Mountain Lion which 8.6 is OK.
You can use illustrator but will need a plugin to cut vinyl.
Look at MacSign too.

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