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Can anyone help with this problem?
I need to be able to produce full colour transfers that will be heat applied to a poly/cotton type fabric. Image area is about A3 and each item has two of these areas.
The run lenth will be 60 - 120, perhapes as many as 400.
I am at the moment looking for a cutter, should I be looking at a printer/cutter?
I presently do sublimation T-shirts so have most of the kit.
Problem is I need to bring these transfers in at around 50p - 75p each.
Has anyone got any ideas?

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With just a cutter your not going to be able to produce full colour images.

if your already doing sublimation it might be a good idea to invest in an A3 printer and continue with sublimation. However if your looking to print dark garments it would be a print and cut machine you'd be looking for.

If there could be as many as 400 and they are all the same print, it would be worth while getting them screen printed

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It might be worth looking at Xpress new range of subli papers.

They do one called subli dark which can be applied to cotton + poly/cotton.

As usual have the sample but not yet tried.

May be worth the cost of a phone call for you.


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One of the cheapest options available to you is the Epson 1290 which weighs in at around £300. Xpress do a special inks pack for this particular printer. Depending on what you're planning to do (ie design wise) you may get away without cutting at all as I believe when 'pressed', only the ink will stick to the garment/fabric. I bought my Epson from PC World in a rush, but there are cheaper places that can be found with a simple search in Google.

Hope this helps a little.

Cheers, Dewi

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Many thanks for your help.
I have since spoken to the chaps at Victory as well and basicly it cannot be done for the price the client wants.
I do use an Epson 1290 at the moment for all my sub stuff, but have been toying with the idea of getting a cutter so I can do more different products.
As for the Sublidark I have used both Xpres and Victory papers and very impressed with the quality. Some customers think it's a bit plasticky feeling, while others think the detail is brilliant. And the good thing about these papers is you use normal Epson ink.
I tried as a test to cut them out by hand (I'm a dab hand with a scappel),
but I think with a cutter with optical registration it would be a great way of producing short run colour logos etc.
Any way thats enough waffeling, time to get back on to the treadle wheel.
Thanks everyone for your replys

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