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Terry Cattle - Blog 2 - Let’s Keep it Simple !


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Terry Cattle - Blog 2 - Let’s Keep it Simple !

The following information is the second in a series of BLOG installments by Lighting specialist Terry Cattle.
If you have any questions on the following info for Terry, please feel free to reply to this thread.

Let’s Keep it Simple !

Some weeks back I went on about the benefits of LEDs and how fluorescent tubes have maybe had their day. Well nothing has changed my mind since then.
The current economic climate has no doubt delayed some potential clients investing in LED technology, but others see the time is right now. The on-going energy and maintenance savings are very appealing when you are trying to cut costs.
I have just returned from a two day trip to Scotland promoting our LED backlighting products and was thoroughly heartened by the warm reception and the willingness to look at new products and innovative applications for LEDs. I’ve seen many clients and potential customers over the last few months and have been pleasantly surprised with the level of awareness of LEDs and their benefits. However there is some confusion and trepidation about taking the plunge into a bright green world.
It can be a bit confusing when you have to start considering colour temperature, power use, light output, lifetime performance and of course cost. Our advice is to keep it simple. Work with trusted suppliers, compare like for like data and understand the economic case.

[ L.E.D. Illuminated Lightbox ]
Not that long ago LEDs were too expensive and not bright enough to illuminate large area signs cost effectively. They were also very time consuming to install. More recently however, prices have dropped, designs have improved, and they got a whole lot brighter. Couple this with the fact that energy prices will almost certainly rise again and you create a winning formula.
Just as an indication the latest version of our backlighting product- Bright Green Matrix- is now benefiting hugely from these reductions and improvements. This obviously makes a dramatic impact on the economic case and return on investment. For projects where high maintenance costs are a feature or illumination is required 24 hours a day- pay back within one year is a reality.
Our philosophy at Bright Green Technology is to keep everything simple and work closely with customers. We try to support all client discussions with economic data which is totally transparent about the assumptions we have made, therefore allowing companies to make their own individual adjustments about the cost of maintenance or the price they pay for electricity.
There is still a level of perception that LEDs are so expensive that it is not even worth considering them as an alternative light source to tubes –we are working hard to dispel this myth and strongly believe in providing clear and simple economic date to support the case for LEDs. We would strongly urge the sign making community to do the same for their clients.
I have detected a definite feeling that the market is picking up, the customers and clients I see are busier than 3 or 4 months ago – let’s hope so.

The future looks bright the future looks green !

If you have any questions, please reply to this thread...

Terry Cattle

Bright Green Technology
Forge Lane
TW10 7BF
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)20 8332 6001

‘Bright Green Matrix is distributed in the UK by Robert Horne Group’.

or call 0845 373 0199.


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You are saying florescent have had their day, well that's narrow thinking all in the name of promoting another light source.

LEDs are great for some applications and not so great for others when it comes to cabinets.

Do you propose LEDs for double sides cabinets and large pylons too? Parameter lighting of a building too?

You picture above looks a little over exposed judging from the washout of the picture. What size modules are you proposing? Are you using the largest light output modules to compare to fluorescent lamps (HO lamp)or get close to them? Standard T12 or T8 lamps?

If you are promoting the use of .3 or .5 watt mods your light output will be no where close to other light sources. So in other words you are promoting a product of lesser light. Using HP white LED modules at times will have a higher power consumption than using standard lamps. Even the best HP LEDs reach 70 percent at around 10-12k hours.

LEDs are great for some projects but they are not a wonder product for all applications.

When building cabinets and looking to decide what light source to use, you can expect 6-8 years on ROI using HP white LEDs over other light sources.

Comparing double sided cabinets and large pylons, you are looking at 23+ years for ROI. Think of how many times you will be re-retrofitting that cabinet in 23 years, at least 4 to 5 times.

Upfront costs, well that depends on the product, junk or quality. You can't make comparisons on low output LED vs T12 or T8, or CCFL lamps, and tell your customer you are saving them 80% in energy when your standing a flashlight next to a search light.

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