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How do you heat your workplace?? and versacamm sp540i ?


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Post Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:07 pm

How do you heat your workplace?? and versacamm sp540i ?

Hey guys, im just about to move into a new premises. its about 2000sqft but with no gas.. im trying to think of a cost effective way of heating the place.. i thought it would be helpfull if i knew how others managed.. and any insurance issues..

Also, im waiting delivery on my versacamm sp540i and trying to decide on a laminator either (DRY TAC or EASYMOUNT).. does anyone have one of these? any feedback?? hopeing to have it in the next couple of weeks!!!

Thanks in advance


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Post Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:53 pm

We don't have gas either and use electrical oil filled radiators. However, The building is only a couple of years old and is extremely well insulated so this is adequate even today when the temperature was -7.

In our old place we had a single gas powered heater/blower which hung from the ceiling. This pumped out a huge amount of heat but because of the high ceiling it tended to stay cold at ground level as the hot air rose to the ceiling. We got round this by mounting some fans on top of the toilet block blowing the air downwards and kept it warmer at floor level

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I use diesel and gas heater depend on where to heat. The diesel heater can smel a bit but the gas heater is fine I buy mine from this company

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We eat our Unit with Gas and a gas blower which we bought from Machine Mart, its about £110 quid, and the gas cost us £21 for 19L..... seems to do the trick well....We also use 2kw oil filled elctrical heaters....The worst things it we have gas central heating but our landlord is refusing to fix our boiler as he thinks we broke it....

If i was you I would 110% get your heating right before you take delivery of your Roland.....We have XC540 and the cold has really made us suffer Ive been pulling my hair out with connection problems.....this was down to the cold.....

In regards to the laminator....I would advice a easymount weve have the 1400EH hot version it fantastic....Remember that this will also need to be put in a room where heat it at a certain temperature.....

Get your heating right now...It will save you alot of problems.

Hope this helps

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Post Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:07 pm

A few people have mentioned using propane heaters, i have been using these whilst installing central heating in my new workshop. Well my insurance was due for renewal at christmas & whilst reading the new proposal it mentioned that i was not covered for this type of heating because of my printer. I checked with Sign Elite & this was confirmed although they did agree to me using them for a further 4 weeks whilst the workshop was being finished. So just a word of warning check before you use bottled gas because it will be too late to find out you are not covered when your workshop is a pile of ashes.


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Hi Ben
I have a 1500sq ft unit and i installed an oil boiler (second hand) it worked out expensive in the end but i installed four heaters that work from the hot water they have a heat exchanger in them and are about half the cost to run of normal radiators, they have a fan in them and can blow hot or cold air out and it will take about 15 min to heat the unit from cold, like i say not cheap they were close on £400 each but they are fantastic and do the job well and no fumes etc the whole sytem cost me £3700 but worth every penny in this weather :}


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Consider infra-red heaters. Plenty of them, because they are not expensive.

They don't heat the air, only what they hit. So.........

1. No problem wasting heat in high buildings.
2. Individually switch them and you only need to heat the areas you are actually working in at the moment.
3. They are far and away the best thing for applying vinyl because they heat the actual van, rather than the air around it. Helps with stripping too.

Even if you go for some other method of heating, still use infra-reds in your van fitting bay.

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We have a small space heater and use the large 47kg propane bottles, normally pay 50 quid a bottle. We give it a 15 minute full blast in the morning then leave it on low for the rest of the day.

Good points: it heats the place up very quickly
Bad points: as Kevin says the insurance company's don't like them, condensation and hauling the full 47kg bottles up to our 1st floor workshop :worry:

Going to check out John's infra-red heaters as they sound a better alternative

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Post Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:29 pm

As well as insurance the other thing you need to think about with space heaters is that they blow a lot of dust about so you need to be careful if anywhere near your vinyl fitting area.

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