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Sublimation printing 100% cotton


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Sublimation printing 100% cotton

Fisrtly thanks to everyone for replying to my last problem.

I now want to print onto 100% cotton and the like, as I tend to find sub t shirts etc expensive and a very small range.
I have seen cutters for sale that will allow me to cut logos and things, but I would like to offer full colour logos and pictures etc. Can anyone point me in a direction to find out more.
Many thanks

P.S I only have around 2 goats and a sack of turnips to spend.

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Firstly in order to sublimate you need some polyester. so 100% cotton is a no no with regards to sublimation. Unless you find a polyester spary and spray the garments (no advised).

your other alternatives are inkjet transfers or toner transfers.

As you say any cutter will be able to cut transfer material in one colour some materials you can over lay to make multi colour logos otherwise it's a print and cut machine like the PC600, Gerber Edge and versacamm - more than 2 goats and a sack of turnips

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There is currently some experimenting going on the USA using a product call Softee transfer paper. Visit and do a search on "softee", results so far look rather promising.

Whether we are able to get this paper over this side of the pond I'm not sure, but if more of us shout loudly they might hear us. :lol:

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Not sure if it's the same thing but there's also a paper that is sprayed with some sort of fixative to make it 'sublimate' into cotton.

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