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Mimaki CG 60 SR problem!


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Mimaki CG 60 SR problem!

We have a frustrating couple of problems with our vinyl plotter, in fact if I was American, I'd shoot it. The cutting head skips or bounces around curves and occasionally cuts a letter totally out of position. I need to say that I don't actually operate the machine, my employee does, I'm just trying to help by seeking some feed-back from other owner/operators. I would be very grateful to get any worth-while information. Cheers.

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Morning Boxer, and welcome to the forum.

You might like to make a post in the "welcome" section. I'm sure that you appreciate that we get many different types of people, with different motives, on here, and it helps to elicit a response if we have an idea of whom we are helping.

Anyways, back to your problem. I can't think offhand why a CG-60SR would print a letter totally out of position but, for the bouncing around corners, the first place I would look is to the blade holder. It sounds like the blade isn't spinning freely.

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