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I'm looking to purchase a new vinyl plotter I currently own a lynx S-60 running Signlab 7.1. I am looking to replace my heat press as the thermostat has gone, I need one that is back friendly as I have trouble doing heavy presses as I broke my back nearly 3 years ago but I cannot afford an automatic heat press. Looking to spend in the region of £2,000 - £2,500, must be compatible with Signlab as I have got used to this software

Currently looking at:

Graphtec CE5000-60 £1,236.25

Mimaki 610mm Plotter Cutter £1,489.25

Sprint Clam heat press auto open 40 x 40 £976.35

Or is there a better plotter out there in my price range, any opinions gratefully received

Thanks in advance

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I know i risk being shot down in flames for bad mouthing Graphtec machines on this forum but this is my opinion.

I have owned Roland PNC 5000 great cutter expensive printer but very limited cut width about 385 m/m I recall. Next was a Summa D610 best cutter i ever owned really performed faultlessly but was replaced with Graphtec CE3000 120 MKII as needed the alignment and also the extra width.

This machine has never gone badly wrong but has had lots of silly faults, Graphtec have always been helpful and sorted it out stright away but this leaves me sometimes feeling that they are knowledgable as they have seen the problems many time before. I could not say it is bad machine but looking around my workshop it is the machine that has caused me the most grief and my spec for the next cutter i buy is anything except chinese or Graphtec.

Best regards


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Russell, that fact that you think you will get shot down surely proves that a lot of people are very happy with Graphtec machines. I think you are right to point out that you have had problems with one though and that you wouldn't have another one.
Personally I only have experience of one machine which is a graphtec FC4100 and has given me very little to complain about since I got it. I do now have a problem with one of the sensors and need to get it replaced but that's after a good few years use.

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Russell, just be careful next time you buy a machine. You may be unlucky again & get a machine with faults. I know not all plotter manufacturers are as knowledgeable & helpful as Graphtec. Many do not even service/repair their own machines & rely on a 3rd party company to do so. Then you can have real problems.

I think you may have been unlucky with your machine, it's rare to find people that are unhappy with Graphtec.

Katrina, I think the Graphtec may be the best bet. It's cheaper, comes with optical eye & has a stand. Not sure the Mimaki comes with a stand or the optical as standard. They are both good machines though.

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