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Hi all

Courier services how bad are they in your area. We live in a rural area and we suffer horrendous problems with courier services basically deciding that we are not getting the delivery that day because of the location we live.

This week we have been waiting for the urgent material sent by next day delivery with sucuricore now D.H.L. Their excuse minor spelling mistake on one part of the address albeit the postcode was clearly marked which we all know this is what they work on.

A second failed delivery this week was with U.P.S. again on next day delivery the excuse this time when I rang the customer services. That the driver had been to the address and the there was no one available to take the parcel and left a card in the letterbox we checked our security camera and the letterbox and you've guessed it no vehicle in the yard and no card. When I rang the customer services back they asked the driver of the vehicle delivering to my a address if he could explain what has happened only to be told surprise surprise he was in the wrong place how convenient .

This happens on a regular basis to us and I'm sure it is because we' are in a rural location and that if the driver has too much work on that day he simply just does not deliver the package. I know this as I have a friend who works for one of these couriers and he tells me that they are undermanned and have very little chance of delivering on a next day service in lot of locations. I know we have some members who live in rural location and I was wandering does this happen in your area or is it that in the North East of England we just have a poor service. :cry:



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Hi Norman,

It's not just rural areas, i think that the courier comanies are just diabolical all together.

You'll see from this link it's not just you:

We need to unite consumer power, demand your money back on carriage and even invoice them for delays and overtime worked to make sure your late goods get there on time
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Don't get me started again............. (hot)

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Same situation here, ordered some parts for the cars Monday, they'll be with tomorrow they said. In all fairness to company they did send the goods out on Monday. Tuesday morning came and went, called company, yes they'd left them at 4.20pm monday. Nothing arrived. Wednesday morning came and went contacted company again, the parcel had gone to Oldham, then Cleveland. Returned to main depot at Coventry today (Thursday) and will be returned to the parts people tomorrow. They will then ship them out to me again.

Don't you just love ParcelFarce.

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