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Just call me Alan 24-7 ~#'$&%


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Post Sun Nov 09, 2003 6:21 pm

Just call me Alan 24-7 ~#'$&%

Sunday 1:20pm. Rallying on the TV and the doorbell goes. :evil:

“Could you give me a price for lettering a transit van? Only want name, address and tel: Nos. on the sides, back and front”

I look him up and down thinking ‘it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m missing the rallying for this $*%@£$%’
I snatch a price from out the blue and hits him with it. :P

“How much”??????

Gives him the price again with the second barrel.

“How much if I put it on myself”

Knocks forty quid off and hits him again.

“Nooooo”…..“I could get it done down London for thirty pound”

Then go down London is my reply. :)

“But that means going all the way down there”

Yes I say and in the back of my mind I’m thinking ‘and good riddance’. (:)
Sorry you peeps down south. :lol: And just a thought, which one of you is it that’s lettering all these transit vans for thirty quid!! :lol: :lol:

He takes a card and giving an incoherent mutter and then says,
Do you want your drive paving”?

No thanks, and off he goes still muttering. My only worry now is that he may be back. (hot) (:) (:) (:)

Just call me Alan 24-7 :x :x :wink:

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Post Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:31 pm

fully understand mate..
we dont work sat or sunday.. but we do go in sometimes to catch up on somthing or other. we had to put a lock on the door from the inside to stop customers coming in off the street.. as soon as folk see a car or van sitting they come in asking this and that.. i went into the work one sat about 10am to pick up a zip disk.
i left at 1pm with orders for 3 vans and a couple of for sale signs..
got home and guess what? i had forgot the zip disk! :o :o

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We get just the same on occasions :cry:

Even though we have had the workshop in town for well over a year, now & then some fool calls at the house with utterings of "workshops closed, thought i would come here" .......... all the get is "sorry m8, no computer here :o "

We have now put a sign on the workshop saying something along the lines of "sorry we're closed, ring the mobile, we can not deal with enquiries at the house" Seems to do the trick (but then it's only 6:30pm Sunday & some muppet will prove me wrong !!


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Post Sun Nov 09, 2003 9:20 pm

yep! drives me mad too!

it's a saturday night nine thirty, ed has just finished preparing my peking duck,
third glass of wine!! and the door bell rings!

a guy from 26 miles away, wants a sign for his sons tractor???

he said he was just passing, and could i have it ready for tuesday next week!!

though i got annoyed, i did not want to dissapoint the bloke!

now i have a sign (which i should have done in the first place) my opening hours & i shut the big gates!

guess what they still open & shut the gates behind them, and still ring my door bell!!!!!!!! i give up!!!

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Post Sun Nov 09, 2003 10:30 pm

I get a few single T-shirt enquiries on a Saturday morning when I'm often working on odds and ends anyway. Pain in the butt, but comes in damn handy when I realise I haven't had to go to the cashpoint on my way to the pub!

Came home tonight, nice E-mailed request for some window filming and some signboards. That's what I like, just hope it's not been sent to everyone in the area!!

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Post Mon Nov 10, 2003 12:08 am

a bloke who has a sign business not far from me is on a busy street. He has a sign in his front yard advertising his business but with a closed sign on magnetic which goes over the "open" part for when he want's to relax.

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Post Mon Nov 10, 2003 1:07 am

"How much if I put in on myself?" reminds me way back in B.C. (before computers), of a guy asking me the price for signwriting his van. After I gave him the price he asked me "How much, if you do the outlines and I fill it in myself?".

My signwriting mentor was one who had little patience for the "I can get that for X amount down the road..." customer.

I remember visiting him at his work one day and while sitting in his office having a cuppa with him, a guy barged straight into the office and demanded "How much for two vinyl words TAXI cut this size?" to which he got the reply "6 pounds each". "What, 6 pounds each? that's bloody robbery, I can get them at ????? Signs, down the road, for 4 pounds each!". He turned for the door muttering "Bloody crook, (oh i swore !) Turpin wore a mask... etc.".

The next day the guy arrived back into the workshop saying "You may make me those taxi stickers, I went down to ????? Signs and they want 8 pounds each! Bloody crooks, (oh i swore !) Turpin... blah, blah, blah. 6 puonds each, right?" to which he got the reply "10 pounds each".

"What, 10 pounds each? You gave me a price yesterday of 6 pounds each!" Calmly my mentor replied "Well Sir, you should have f%&$ing ordered them yesterday!" and pointed to the door. (:)

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Post Mon Nov 10, 2003 12:31 pm

Poor old Alan, the joys of working from home, I will and often do work saturday mornings, get home about 1-2pm and turn off the mobile, switch it on again on monday often to find someone has left a message at 10am sunday :lol: usually along the lines of "I need a price for ? can you call me back later" then you ring them back on Monday and get abuse because you didn't ring straight back :roll: So I usually say "what makes you think I work 7 days a week" or the best one was one guy that came to the workshop one saturday "How cheap can you letter my van mate?" "10 quid" "what the whole van?" "yup" "great heres a tenner" "ta! heres a tin of paint and a brush, now f*** off and stop wasting my time!" the look on his face was brilliant :lol:

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Post Mon Nov 10, 2003 9:04 pm

And how comes we've gotta fit into everybody else sleep pattern??

Publicans and tandoori restaurants have the rudest call times, generally about 11.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays are not sacred

Have you tried phoning a publican at a more civilised time like 9.30am
Don't do it if you value your eardrums.

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