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Weld Tools...


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Weld Tools...

I'm self taught in All Adobe programs but there is one thing i can't seem to figure out in illustrator. How do you weld two shapes together?
Used to doing this with ease in SignLab so find myself taking things across to signlab and then back again, bit of a waste of time. I just can't figure it out in Illustrator.
Please help!!
Also, does anyone know of any good illustrator courses as despite the fact the i can use it I'm sure i only scratch the surface of what i could be doing with it.

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James, you need the pathfinder flyout menu - select both opbjects and have a play. Think the one you are after will be top left. If it is text you are delaing with possibly you may need to convert to outlines first.

cntrl + Y will let you see in frame mode to make sure it is soing what you want (press again to get back to normal view).

re: courses I pay £15 or so a month to You can probably get a free week or two from them to do a crash course.


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Hello James,
Here's an easy way...
Make to shapes and fill with same colour (the shapes need to be filled)-> go to Pathfinder and select Merge and the shapes will be welded.
This also applies to text but remember to select Outline after Merge to irradicate duplicate Paths.


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Post Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:06 pm

Ive been wanting to know how to do that for ages, cheers!

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