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Will polyester with PU coating take heated vinyl?


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Post Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:04 pm

Will polyester with PU coating take heated vinyl?

I have some jackets to do and see the label says 100% Polyester with PU Coating, can I heat onto this?



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The polyester is OK but the coating can be a pain for it to stick!!

We use Graphityp garment vinyl and we get very few comebacks.
But every now and again it won't stick no matter what you do.


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I,ve done loads of PU coated jobs from PU coated umbrellas to raincoats for a football team

I use Targets Premium Nylon - speak to Heather Robinson and mention me!!

premium Nylon - For Treated and Untreated Nylon Textiles!

PU Material.
Pressure sensitive backer.
Sticky backer, ideal for fine detailed work.
Easy to weed.

Very thin material.
Suitable for tough to decorate treated textiles like Nylon jackets, bags, umbrellas and leather.

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Or grafityps PU material, or the specialist nylon one

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has anyone tried to apply lettering to marine acrylic canvas ?


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