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Users of V** Telecom ltd wanted


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Post Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:50 pm

Users of V** Telecom ltd wanted

I signed a deal with the above company last year with the promise of a free new Panasonic Telephone system (worth about £1000) and a saving of 30% on my calls. It turns out I actually signed a lease for 7 years :o for the system and no calls included. Also turns out the guy has done the same to three other companies in my area. Luckily I have never received the equipment, so using that to get out of the deal.

we need to find more companies who this guy has sold to and try and get a court case going.

He has been reported to Trading standards several times, he has resigned from his original company (just after I signed up) and just started another with a change in the name.

So any help appreciated please.


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Post Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:04 pm

Can't help but we got tucked up with a similar scam many years ago. Ending up paying 5 years for a phone system that was worth £500 at most. The company had even forged a signature on the leasing agreement that we didn't sign. They went out of business literally weeks after us being tucked up. Our forged contract was with the finance company not them so it was a lesson that was learnt the hard way. Tried to get out of it but had no luck. :(

Good luck in getting out of the deal.

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Post Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:56 pm

Dave, don't hold out much hope of Trading Standards doing much. I've had major issues with a purchase from Arnold Clark , including the fact that they hadn't MOTd the car even although they told us they had. The details were passed to Trading Standards almost 4 weeks ago and they have only just assigned it to an officer, who hasn't even contacted me yet. All this despite the fact that another Trading Standards office told me that there would potentially be a criminal investigation involved.


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