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How much does it cost to run a gerber?


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How much does it cost to run a gerber?

hello all,
can anyone give me a roundabout figure on how much it costs to run a gerber what with foils and all. And does anyone know of a supplier of second hand gerbers or anyone who leases them other than spandex?
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as a very "ROUGH" guide.

380mm vinyl approx £1 a metre. ( yes I know it depends upon the make)

foils. Signfoils cost approx £40 for a refill of 50 metres. Thats 80p a running metre.

Duracoat foils costs a little bit more.

Gerber more still.

I did a job on Friday afternoon, while waiting to finish for the day.

100 2 colour decals. used 5 metres of vinyl and the same in foils x 2.

cost approx £15. sold for £80. 30 mins work max, as I already had the artwork, just needed to be shrunk down.

no screens to make,no printing 1 colour then waiting for it to dry befor printing the other colour, no ink on my fingers, no decals to be cut to size. NO HASSEL.....

Still would do certain jobs via screen printing, but it would depend on the job....

I went for new because I didn`t want the hassel of repairs etc.
S/H, unless you know the seller, you can never be certain what abuse the machine has had..

I know of no one who specialise in 2nd user machines. Spandex did have some refurbished machines when I was looking.

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Thanks Becky.
I always thought it cost a lot more to run a gerber! I'm amazed at the profit margin. Its certainly a direction I will be looking into taking. I do use one with my current employer, however the costs of running it are kept secret from us mere workers :-?

Thanks again mate
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i heard that the roland colour cam is a lot cheaper to run, & the quality is a lot better, & they are a lot cheaper to buy! :wink:

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i have owned both machines and the edge is far far cheaper and superior to run and the print quality is very good, my edge earns money yesterday i did 250 3 spot colour labels (220mm sq) full bleed this job was finished in an afternoon, the colourcamm would be still printing a day later and it cannot cope with large flood areas because of the banding, these labels cost me only 52p in materials as they were serial numbered i retailed these at £2.85 each over £500 clear on one job impossible on a Roland.


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Printing Cost's

Printing cost's on Gerber, Roland and others are considerably reduced by using compatible foils that are cheaper than OEM foils and ribbons. There is a fair choice of suppliers out there giving savings of up to 50% and more. Users should be wary with regard to quality - from the worst quality available to quality equal to OEM is available - with only a relatively small difference in price. Users must determine which quality is for them. Labels can use cheapest foils but Signs and Outdoor Graphics need the highest quality or OEM. All Edge or Roland users should get to know what is available to safely save money on materials.
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