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which method do you use to store customer files?


Jason Xuereb

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Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:55 am

which method do you use to store customer files?

Hey guys,

How do you store your customers files?

We currently do this

Customer Name -> Invoice Number -> Line Number -> Files

So if a customer ever wants to repeat an order we archive off the production files that go to the printer.

Anyone got any software or better ways of doing this?


Phill Fenton

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Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:16 am

My system is

Year -> Month -> Customer

(The same customer will have a new directory created every time he has a new order in a different month or year)

Cross referenced with my accounts package I can pick out when a particular job was done - and quickly find that file again.

I only need to back up my current month to ensure all my work is backed up to date.

Jason Xuereb

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Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:23 am

Hey Phil,

Good system. Do you produce a job sheet for each job?

The reason I came up with my method is that when a job is invoiced its put on our production board in the inward tray.

From the invoice number and the line number I can tell what the job or sub job is and where the files are located for printing. So any sales staff can create a job and put it in production and the production staff will know what needs to be produced and where the files are located without having any other communication. I can then setup the files in the RIP and schedule when its going to get printed. The invoice also gives me the promised date so I know how much time I have to produce the job and get it right with my scheduling.

Once the job gets dispatched I put the tracking number on the invoice and this goes back up to sales to be put on the invoice in our system. So if a customer asks wheres my delivery, it can be given to them over the phone.

Just wanted to know if I could make this process more efficient.

Dave Bruce

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Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:44 am

Hi Jason, I use a 'T' card system, job sheet and sign computer software as follows.

Job sheet written, date, when required, job number, customers details, and job description. A 'T' card is then written with date, job number, name and customer contact, this is a different colour depending on the type of job, red for printing, yellow for banners etc. The 'T' card then goes in the wall holder that has a line for each process of the business so I have Enquiries, Quoted, Design, Hold, Cut, Assemble, Install, Invoice, this way anyone can look at the chart and see where the job is in the system.

All job sheets go into a tray which has the same system as the wall chart so it all follows though. My computer software, Clarity Professional does all the costing, produces quotes and invoices and keeps a database of every customer/job.

works for me anyway.



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