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Sublimation Introduction...


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Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 7:46 pm

Sublimation Introduction...

First hello to all... :P

I'm interested in sublimation printing basically for mugs, tiles..

Could you recommend me a printer (for mac) and a press for mugs? Costs, tips...

We already got a tshirt heat press (valid for tiles too), CLC,.. and we usually work with transfers, tshirt vinyl..


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Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:59 pm

Welcome, we've just started some experiments with sublimation printing. is a UK based supplier of sublimation inks, papers & consumables that I have found to be very helpful.

You may find a useful link as well.

There is also as well.

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Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 10:27 pm

I've been doing sublimation printing now for over 4 years. Started out with just mugs, and have expanded into t-shirts, tiles, mousemats etc (when I obtained my heat press).

I've tried various suppliers for their mugs, and have found Listawood mugs (both earthenware and bone china) to be extremely durable on their washability (is there such a word ?), this in combination with Rotech Inks gives superb piece of mind when selling on these items. I've got 2 mugs which live permanently in my dishwasher (1 earthenware, 1 bone china) the first one has been in the dishwasher for over 15 months now and shows very little if any deteriation on print. The bone china one has only lived there for 4 months so far, and again the same result.

Both mugs have photo prints on them, the bone china has an additional logo in a ruby red colour.

I use a Mug Pro mug press (obtained 2nd hand) and other than my own negligence (forgot to place mug in press when switched on :( and had to replace the element ) it has not been any problem.

The Mug Pro press is obtainable from NovaChrome (UK) based on Anglesey

My set up is as follows:
Epson C82 printer (individual cartridges cmyk)
Mug Pro Mug Press
Geo Knight Digital Combo Heat Press

I stick with Epson Photo Quality Inkjet paper for mugs pressing at approx 370 deg.F. for 2.5 minutes (earthenware) - 400 deg F. for 3.75 minutes on bone china (the press requires extra silicone rubber padding to take these type of mugs, I use 2 pieces of Listawoods thinner rubber between the mug and the teflon coated element.)

For Tiles I again use the same paper pressing for 6min 10sec at 200 deg C. on the Duracoat tiles, have still to fully experiment on the gloss tiles. I have used the Rotech Jewel transfer paper but find it takes a long time to dry the ink, and can leave unwanted marks on the substrate.

Hope the above is of help.

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Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 10:28 pm

what part of erin's green isle is basque country, a chara?

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Post Tue Aug 05, 2003 3:14 pm

The C82 is only A4. Is it enought?
Cost of printed A4 aprox.? Can fit in an A4 two mugs?

Joe, I couldn't find the basque country flag, so I choosed the green isle's one.


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