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IRC chat


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IRC chat

Anyone use IRC at all?
I'm often to be found on
or or (all alternate servers)
under the nickname DrGfinger on channels #quizland , #30plus! or #5fm and will set up a channel (room) called #uksign for anyone wanting to chat
Just type /whois DrGfinger to see if Im online
Im also an audio fan and we have a nice channel going , Audioasylum is also a message board like this and its great to chat and exchange info with others on IRC.
I used to ICQ but had problems with the program itself and dumped it;>

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Post Sat Jun 21, 2003 10:36 am

cheers rodney
we actualy had our own chat room, but dropped it for a few different reasons. i plan on brining it back but not for a couple of months yet.
maybe sooner if i can purchase a reliable one. the free ones on the go are full of adverts, pop up etc.. if not that they are easily hacked or slow.
i have icq and msn myself..
i know a good few on here do also.. not sure about mirc but i have used it in the past.. :D

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Post Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:18 pm


i use irc all the time,
i use quakenet, but i think the only problem is its not that easy to set up,

downloading the program is only the start,

finding the right server and then finding the right channel,

to someone who has'nt used it before its a little complicated

although its an excellent program for chat

and you can own you own channel and control it,

also join it automaticaly when your online so the chat can be at any time not just on one day

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