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Cut using HPGL/2 commands


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Post Wed Aug 22, 2007 2:36 pm

Cut using HPGL/2 commands

Ive just spent the last 2 hours trying to set up WinPlot to communicate with a Summa D1010 cutter. It would cut a couple of correct lines or characters then throw in some wierd lines then stop ( also fed a complete roll, 15m, of vinyl through the machine). I would then run the same job again and all it would do was cut a little more of the 1st job and stop again.........

Needless to say when the battery low light on my laptop started flashing, I installed a default HP plotter (Printer driver), switched the cutter to accept the command format and cut my set graphic 1st time............

1. I fear this is a communications problem between WinPlot and the cutter


2. I do not have endless time to keep trying to set up Winplot.

Therefore the question.......Is there a downside to using a HPGL plotter driver and the print command against using cutting software???

I will keep going until I find a problem, but as I'm doing small single layer graphics I haven't come across any downsides yet. If anyone has please let me know.


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DMPL is normally the default if i remember which when driven down the serial will allow some extra commands Polling for example.
if your happy as is now carry on.

the plot fault you described sounds like the flow control which used to be set to hardware. i have not had a summa for years but good machines


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Re: Cut using HPGL/2 commands

Hi Graeme,

since I am trying to set up an old Summa D1010 and having difficulties getting anything out, I stumbled upon your post here.

Just wanted to ask you what hp driver you used and what you meant by "switched the cutter to accept the command format" - could you explain that a bit more in depth, please?

best regards - Christoph

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