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What customers say...


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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 9:56 am

What customers say...

Well I thought this might be a light hearted topic for easter....

It was sparked by a guy who has been bugging me all week calling at least 3 times a day to check this and that..... all he wants is numbers on the back of 8 shirts.

Anyway he came in this morning and stood there in front of me and said nothing i greeted him and ask what i could do for him, he replied, "I want to print some T-shirts" I had to bite my tongue, i so want to say "well, thank you for telling me, but i have lots of work to be getting on with"

Then it got me thinking about the time i used to work in the footwear department of Lillywhites, Piccadilly Circus. The things customer used to say there..........

"how can i try this on" holding up a trainer.... Umm well you balance it on your head and if it doesn't fall off it fits ok!

"can i have this one but in a different colour?" ............ yes sure i'll just get my felt tip pens out!

"I really like this shoe (holding up a Reebok trainer) but can i have it in nike?" .........errr a job for the felt tips or will i just pop down to the sweat shop and get them to knock a special up.

"could i try this shoe on?".... "what size would you like?"......."I don't know"

Customer trying a shoe on........"does it fit?" .......your the one wearing the damn thing!!!!

Ok so they're not sign related..... But I guess the classic is "I want a sign"
........"what sort of sign"............ "just a sign, How much does that cost"
"what size sign do you want"........."I'm not sure, can you just give me a ball park figure"

Any classics out there?!?

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 3:58 pm

Reminds me of my days in retail......first job and all that... I was Curly Watts (Deputy Manager) to our very own Reg Holdsworth the Branch Manager.

It was my responsibility to order every 3 weeks the biggest Saxby's Pork Pie available, a huge 4 pounder for a distinguished local lady who wore jewellery and mink and spoke with a distinctly authoritarian air. Of course a 3 week order cycle was a pain in the neck and having forgotten for the second time in as many months sent the manager to face her as she attempted to search the out of bounds area behind the deli! I was otherwise engaged (hiding) in the fridge as she boomed at the top of her voice across the store...

' That pleasant young man seemed most sincere when he last forgot to order my Pie and assured me it would not happen again.......I vowed to re-arrange his testicles if it did, and now that it has can you tell him that Lady (can't remember her name) is very unhappy and at the earliest opportunity will be kicking him in the bxxxxxs!' :-? :-? :-?

I have to say this reprimand was perfectly delivered with a smile and I felt it best to crawl out of the fridge and face the music soner rather than later.

And no she didn' 70 plus she probably couldn't get her leg that high!! :D

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 5:19 pm

Martins post was so interesting I had to read it 3 times!!!

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:48 pm

Cor Blimey you must have the sorest nadds in the world :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 10:17 pm

I think the one I get most often is.....

I would like a sign please...

Yes, what would you like on it....

Oh, I dunno I havn't really thought about it!.....

What about colours....

Well what would you suggest?.......

How big is the sign.....'s about so big by so big.......

When do you require the sign.......

Errrrrm.... Well we are opening the shop tomorrow..........


No wonder I am folicaly challenged! (:) (:) (hot)

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 10:30 pm

Well this is one my mum did and it doesn’t say allot for me..
This time “shes” was the customer! :lol: :lol:

She walks into Boots and said, “I am looking for a tangerine lipstick I bought in here about 6 months ago”
The lady said. “Oh I am sorry dear, that range is discontinued now”
My mum replied… “oh I see, well I just try one of those then” :o :oops:

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Post Thu Apr 17, 2003 11:40 pm

HMMMMM I got one


Oh yes officer i really am going to admit that just because you wasnt paying 100% attention but for the record im not sure as i was on the

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Post Fri Apr 18, 2003 4:43 pm

My most often used reply to "how much is a sign" usually is,
"How long is a piece of string?"
How they react is a great barometer for a future business relationship.
Thanks Lorainne,
Happy Easter, meesters & seesters!

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