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Hi again to the dozen who post......sorry and you 388 viewers :smile:
Here's a sales technique oyu probably know already:
When you do mock ups for a job, do 3 - each slightly different:
1. plain, black on white, uninspiring....tell the customer that this is what you usually do for the economy end of the market (by saying that - 9 times out of ten they won't pick that design, because no one wants to look cheap)
2. A nice design to suit their budget - 4 colours maybe, with a shadow or something similar, "this type is most popular with medium sized companies giving a good balance of colour and excellent value for money" - They will go for this 80% of the time
3. Do a "mike the sign " style for them and charge top money for it. Saying something like...."this is what we usually do to cater for the higher end of the market - this draws the highest response from customers because of the visual appeal and the impact it creates ".........sometimes they'll go for this.
The moral of the story is:
They won't choose no.1 - because no one wants to be seen to be cheap.
They usually pick no.2 because it's a happy medium - cost versus appeal.
They may surprise you from time to time and choose no.3 - be inspirational with this one and charge enough too!
Now post something for christs sake.....I'm getting fed up reading my own rubbish every day!

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Post Tue Feb 19, 2002 11:44 pm

hello joe
and thanks for all the good posts mate. well pleased here!
just a thought mate, when are you sending your picture for me to include in your posts... :lol:
now now dont be shy! "mike" aint.
but paul "D" maybe aint seen the bloke in a wee while. must be busy with corel draw again. come to think of it hes right next to the telewest order. :razz: wassup way yeh man. :lol:

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Sounds fine in theory but it could drive a prospective customer, on a tight budget at the time, away to your competitor who will then get all the future work from the customer.
Just a thought!!

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Good tip Joe, one I have used myself on occasions.

The down-side is that you can spend a lot of extra time designing for a doubtful outcome.

But great when it works to upsell a design!

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