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new to wide format need help please


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new to wide format need help please

Hello everyone, yes its another newcomer, just started on the wide format digital route as an extension to my Litho printing business, can anyone please tell me a supplier of kapa mount board or something of the like, that would be used to mount and overlaminate colour digital signage for outdoor use, can only find suppliers that do up to A0 size and really need at least 3 metre lengths x 3 - 4 feet wide :D [/img]

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just checked our UKSG members section mate, europoint display are offering 5 variations of this board. click advert on home page for contact details.
ide never heard of the stuff till i was loading the members pages... would be intresting to hear some feedback once you have used it. :D

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Tony, You really do NOT want to use Kappa board outside. It swells up like a sponge. Basically what it is, is a foam centered ali/tin coated cardboard. Horrible stuff to work with - as i comes out the laminater you have to earth yourself every time coz you get big blue sparks flying at your knife. I used to shock me mate Mikey every time - we're not so good mates now. :D Only joking. The only good thing about it is that it's lightweight. Seriously for outdoor use go for a rigid PVC. There's load's of cheap (& very expensive) ones to choose from, contact your local supplier for more info on the PVC's available.


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re kappa

kappa will not expand like a sponge as the middle is made of polyurathene (excuse my spelling)

and this is perfectly ok for outside, and the edges can even be painted for extra protection.

its the liner you need to be thinking about i.e a plastic or paper (paper is not for outside of course)

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