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help please have a few wrapping questions?


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help please have a few wrapping questions?

I have been putting off designing my first wrap on my own truck due to the lack of know how. I wanted to ask you experts a few questions.

Equipment and software to utilize:
* Dell P4 3gh – 4 gig ram * Mac G5 2.5 gig ram. (I just got this mac and it is suppose to be better for graphics, but I have not used it)
* Versacamm SP-300 (30”)
* Photoshop
* Flexisign Pro

1. Do you guys recommend installing with one horizontal run down the side of the vehicle or would it be best by doing it in vertical panels?

I read a post from a short time back and see pretty well on the Photoshop layout and I hope that I have this correct.
2. I need to do the background fills and such with Photoshop? 1:1 scale at 150 d.p.i. CMYK or can I stick with RGB since I will not be matching any colors?
3. Import the fill made with Photoshop into flexisign and add any text and logos

Another question:
I have two sample rolls of Oracal 3951 wrap vinyl, should I use this or go ahead and purchase some 3M control tac?


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You could do the text in Flexi, but you have more styles and effects to play with in Photoshop.

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just start at designing in all your software seperatly, you'll find out wich program is best for what, i use coreldraw alot and use flexi, composer and illustrator for the things i don't know how to do in corel

butt be carefull, once u wrap, you won't go back, wrapping is just so much fun

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So go on Dennis, say hello, and tell us about the fun wrapping :D

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to say hello:
my name is dennis, with my brother i started an advertising atelier. here in belgium. a little year ago

why wrapping is so much fun?

it gives you absolute freedom of designing,

it gives you status: here only a handfull of ateliers know how to do it.

it gives the best feeling in the world when your customer's yaw falls to the ground when he first sees his car/van/...

ive done wraps as an employer of another company
now on my one i'm going to start doing it by september coming:
my brother needs to go to charleroi to learn, i'm also going to see if i can't pick up something extra.

the reason we waited is because if one is not familiar with it it does not give a top notch product.

and we base our company on superquality (wich is something i think belgium needs because crafmanship is not widly spread here and economy vinyls are the standard) exept for the belgian forummers here off course :D

we will not go into the stream of cheap-cheaper-cheapest.

being the best is our goal: showing you are is to wrap the most difficult wraps.

in advance i've already registred a domain-name.. there's nothing on there right now butt by the end of the year i hope so

anyway to make a long story short: wraps are cool




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Versacamm SP-300 (30”)

is not the best machine for wrapping its to narrow if you want my comment.

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Re: wrap

moonbrat wrote:Versacamm SP-300 (30”)

is not the best machine for wrapping its to narrow if you want my comment.

Yes, 30" is narrow for a wrap but that is what I have right now. I figured that I will have 8 panels of 30" vinyl running vertical per side of my truck. It will be a lot of printing.

As I do not have a laminator yet, I am planning to apply laminate film by hand. I am not sure if I will laminate the vinyl before install or after it has been installed on the car. Any tips?

I want to just get by with my personal wrap and then I hope it will help me sell more to generate income for the Roland 54" and a laminator.


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well for 6 years now of large format stuff i have resisted a laminator cos i can do it by hand but the cast laminate required for wraps has got the better of me and have a new laminator coming next week - from experience the laminate HAS to be of the same make up as the vinyl eg poly - mono - or cast.


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mrsticker wrote:from experience the laminate HAS to be of the same make up as the vinyl eg poly - mono - or cast.

good advice chris, common mistake on many sign makers "&" suppliers part. :wink:

regarding how to hang it.

my advice to anyone trying this out is to hang it like wallpaper, "verticle strips"
if you are very confident and feel you would like to apply horizontal then go for it, but its not easy and more can go wrong.
long prints can run-off!
lamination can run-off!
applying it can run off very easily!

if its a complete wrap and it runs off. it can screw up matching/lining up the rear/front etc to then line up with the other side.

my advice is to apply like wallpaper. try hiding joins on door spaces, panel seems etc if its a car you could rotate that tile to print the lenght of front wing eliminating a join.

hope this helps some :D

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Hello everyone, i am new to the printing industry and have only been doing it for a year. I have a rockhopper 2 and a macrolam lamintator. I use photoshop and illustrator along with Mistral RIP software and Omega for design and cut. I am just trying out vehicle wrapping and i am using Avery 2005 easy apply. I would like to ask a few questions.

Do you need to laminate for vehicles, and if so what is the best way and what lamintate to use?

Do you use soapy water, and how do you stop the film from wrinkling when you go in to the recesses and joints/curves?

Could anyone send me some instructions or tutorials on how to wrap a vehicle. I am practicing on our small van and i want to grt that right before i start on anything else.



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hey dennis,

cool to see another belgian guy on the boards! Where are you from?
I see u are specialised in wrapping, could be interesting for us...


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hey Bart

I'll keep it in english so everyone can understand (i speak both french and dutch) i'm from de kempen/la campine.

indeed by the end of this year me and my brother are going to specialize in wrapping.

for the moment were changing our dads car's colour every 6 weeks for practise.

after we've been training in charleroi and confident enough to help other sigmakers apply a perfect wrap we'll be in buissnes.

i will be sure to update you on our progress and inform you when we are ready (and good enough)



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