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3M Diamond grade Vinyl, need advice?


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Post Tue Mar 29, 2005 8:05 pm

3M Diamond grade Vinyl, need advice?

i have a contract i have just started and will take me a month or so complete, basically 100 vehicles with chevrons. boring as hell work and not something i enjoy doing.
anyway, i have been asked to do some specifically in 3M Diamond grade.
this is fine and i know a source to buy it. i know its should be cut using a flat bed cutter and edge sealed... what I'm after is that i would like TIPS on using this sorta vinyl for Chevron work.
i know the vinyl is expensive and probably the best way to do this is buy in 4-5 inch wide rolls of the stuff and apply in individual strips, but is that how you all do it?
i know i don't when using regular reflective vinyl, as i prespace/cut it.
surely its not a jigsaw puzzle of strips?
i understand the baton burgh templates for emergency services are premade and applied like a jigsaw but chevrons one by one on about another 70-100 vehicles is going to take me forever and something i would rather walk away from unless the money is top notch?

by now you may have guessed i body swerve this sort of work but because of other work we are doing for this customer i know i am going to be landed with it and i don't want to (a) get the price wrong (b) apply it in the longest way possible... we are just to busy to commit to this one customer...

so what i am probably trying to ask is...
whats the fast way to apply chevrons like this and is the 5inch roll method the most cost effective way if "time" is taken into account also?

phewww.... hope that ramble made sense... i do go on a bit eh? :wink:

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We do loads of this stuff, if you are doing the vertical chevrons then quickest & cheapest way is make template that is one third up vehicle. then use roll diamond to chase up vehicle when you get to the top remove template and finish bottom.

we tried cutting but it is a waste of time and much quicker as above. if your doing 100 vehicles you may use 13 linear meters + of 200mm on each vehicle (Ambulance rear doors).

quick tip you will get a spanking deal direct for that quantity, we did with reflexolite.

Also, when applying to save costs and damage when rubbing down use vinyl backing paper in reverse with a red squeegee, works a treat and very quick!

Hope that helps,

Johnboy :cool:

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Post Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:22 am

3M Diamond grade

Halo Group, produce lots of these chevrons and are one the few 3m approved suppliers of edge sealed diamond grade material. The bluelite company.


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