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Sublimation info & advice please


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Sublimation info & advice please


Wonder if you guys could help and offer some advice on the following. I'd really like to get into Sublimation printing for doing t-shirts and Mugs etc. I have been looking around and seen you can buy a Epson 1290 and then buy sublimation ink cartdigres - is this the best way to go?.....another question i have is how would you go about maybe printing white onto a black t-shirt using a printed transfer - is it possible?

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Hi Linz
The 1290 cartridges don't hold much ink and they are expensive. A bulk system is the way to go. Bear in mind that with sublimation you can only print onto the polyester shirts which cost more than the cooton, and, no, you cannot print white with sublimation. For mugs you could consider using Wraps instead of a press. You put mug in wrap and put into an oven. There are now wraps for dog bowls.


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I would say the 1290 is the route to go (says she with a C84), but would recommend the bulk ink system with it, since the 1290 only utilises 2 cartridges, and you can guarantee one of the colours will run out before the others, it should also be cheaper on the learning curve.

There is a product for normal inkjet transfer for dark tees, or Victory Design sell one called Darkjet sublimation for dark tees.

Couple of places you might like to enquire from would be Listawood Trade Supplies, Victory Design or The Transferpress.

Listawood and Transferpress supply Rotech Inks
Victory Design supply Lyson Inks
The Transferpress also supply Tropical Graphics ArTanium inks.

Xpress also do similar products and may be worth a shout.

I currently use Rotech Inks and have for the past 2+ years, and can't fault them, the black is a pure black on the substrates I transfer onto.

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