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Hello there people,been really busy,great summer. A couple quick ???'s #1 what is the best way to cut a roll of vinyl in half? and #2 The local university cafiteria needs new signs,she said she dont want coroplast,she wants it thinner and more durable any suggestions, foamboard maybe?Thanx :D

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Firs Question The Eazyest way is to unroll the vinyl cut it down the middle with a straight edge an then you got two rolls I Tell You This Cause i have tryeid othrt ways an the dont work?

Second Questions try sintra(a.k.a. celtic,pvc)if not try polystyrene comes in various sizes .020,.040,060,.080 or you can also use alum. overlayed with dryerase metrial

Hope this helps

Oreo :wink:

Post Fri Jul 12, 2002 2:59 pm

Thanx Oreo

Thanks Oreo, yer a good man (!) , ya take time out to answer and help out alot of people, Never a smart ass reply, always good info and help. A few people could learn from you,especially sum of the other boards where yer scared to post a ?. KEEP UP THE GOOD WERK OREO!!!!!!! And if yer ever in Canada,Stop by,I must owe ya a case o beer by now :o

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I'd proberbly use Forex or foamalux (same stuff, different brand names) a ridged PVC. Comes in different colours and thicknesses. I have no idea if it's called the same stuff over in the US, but i'm sure there is something similar.

Now about cutting vinyl rolls in half, i have no idea, and wouldn't have the time to cut a 50m roll the way oreo says, I normally buy it in at the right width, and i think most of the vinyl suppliers here will slit it down for free.

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Thanx for the input,Lorraine :D , Someone told me the tape the roll of vinyl in the middle and take a tablesaw to it :o ,but use a fine blade. O ya i forgot to tell ya the lady wants gold signboards with blue lettering, do any of these boards come in gold or can i just paint em..........thanks again

Post Fri Jul 12, 2002 4:33 pm


NOOOOOO Dont use a table saw i've tied even with a new blade the problem is the normal or house hold table saw they sell the rpm on it is to slow it will melt the ends i've tried! the one the use at the plants are made for cutting that stuff the glue get stuck on the blade and you have a mess 2nd you can never cut it straight

Oreo 8)

as for the diffrent name it is the same theres diffrent types but all the same only thing is that black & white are the only you can get upt to half inch color dont come that thick any size under that you can get 1/8,3/16,1/4 ithink you get the picture

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Post Fri Jul 12, 2002 8:16 pm

slit roll

we send out rolls to be slit to a local converter who converts stuff

he uses a bacon slicer, or a slit - re reel machine

cost u about 14 gbp tho

but he quick


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