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I recently bought a new cutter and received ART CUT 2002 with it. Seeing as I already had Flexi Sign 7.5, I don't really have any need for it. Although it is a fairly comprehensive and easy to use package, it doesn't seem right to let it just catch dust when somebody else could be making use of it.

"The ARTCUT software offers the solution for signmaking needs. From basic vinyl cutting to large format printing, it offers creating and editing tools and will fulfill all your design needs.
Included in ARTCUT, the design and cutting program are such features as scanning grey scale and colour image tracing, text manipulation, import/export files, mulitple undos and redos, it also includes direct drivers for the industry's popular cutters and plotters. ARTCUT software are usable with Window '95/'98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP."


Text; True type font support, Horizontal text/Vertical text/ Block text etc

Design; Measure tools, import/export standard files formats, multiple undo/redo

Draw; Rectangle, oval, polygon, fan etc

View; Show bitmap,zoom tools etc

Objects; Align, rotate, resize, duplicate, convert to outline

Cut/plot; Vinyl cutting, fill plot etc

I would be happy to take 100 pounds plus P&P

Thanks for your time,
Gail Townrow

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yes please!

I ve posted a reply to you on the post about artcut 2002 software
but not sure if you read/seen it..
i am interested in this package. im not sure if i can Pm you..
so can you contact me
many thanks

Jon :D

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im also interested,


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is this still for sale (?)
please confirm.


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