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clipart & fonts?


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clipart & fonts?

Hi everyone
I was looking to maybe buy a clipart CD.
Can anyone recommend one other than “beeline” its not because beeline is bad but because I think its more cartoons than real looking graphics. Also are there any good font disks around?

thanks in advance for any help you give! :D

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Clip-art and fonts, advice needed sourcing please?

Hi Sally I have been quite satisfied with standard clipart packages from the computer store such as IMSI
90% of it you'll never use, but I think that's the way it is with most packages.
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Hello from the Colonies Sally,

On the question of CDs with fonts, I can't really help you. Most of the time I just use what was included with Signlab5. There are various websites here in the States that deal almost exclusively with fonts. A web search would probably be your best bet.

Regarding the clipart, it depends on what you are looking for. OCA Enterprises in Scottsdale, Arizona has several CDs, all vector images, in various categories. Some are design elements only, some are occupation-specific, some are more general. Their website address is International phone number 1-602-860-4171

If that addy doesn't work, add the http:// to the beginning of it.

There is also the Mega Collection by Vector Art. This one combines several previously issued CDs into one set, and adds a few new items to the mix. There is everything from fire truck decoration to borders to wildlife illustrations to vehicle decorative graphics, to pinstripe designs, and the list goes on. All in vector (cuttable) format.. If I were just starting out I would give serious consideration to this set. Warning--it is not cheap-- and not knowing the exchange rate for your currency, I can't say what it will cost.

If you are using Corel, then consider their Gallery Magic. Just be sure your program, if not Corel, will "read" the formats on that CD. Only parts of that one are vector images.

Hope this helps in your search.

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