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can anyone tell me suppliers of 8 x 4 chalkboard sheets?


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Post Fri Nov 26, 2004 3:55 pm

can anyone tell me suppliers of 8 x 4 chalkboard sheets?

can anyone tell me suppliers of 8 x 4 chalkboard sheets ( if there is sucha thing)......making kiddies boards to be screenprinted and cnc routered.
thanks, rod

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Hello Rod,

Why not make them youself. 8'x4' ply and chalkboard paint from B&Q and roll on the paint ???

Vic :) :)

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As Vic says why not make them yourself

In fact if you have the sizes, local timber firms will cut to size saving you the headaches and the dust (health) problem.

You can use ply but lots use mdf (since its for indoors you can use ordinary mdf). It really has a smooth finish.

You can use B&Q blackboard but when you get to the serious stuff like pub boards you may want to consider blackboard paint to the trade such as supplied by Handovers

Some use a small radiator roller with mohair. Oh! and don't forget if you have routered sections you'll need to have a brush to get into the nooks and crannys


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only going to add that there is also blackboard vinyl available that can be stuck onto metal, plastic, painted wood etc. good thing is you can cut shapes from it and apply... so for say a nursery, you can cut the shape of a monkey and apply to a board then the kids can chalk onto it.. that kinda thing.. :D

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just read your queries for chalk boards. i used to make about 800 per month. only tiny affairs that I supplied to a giftware company. I used 2 mm mdf which is to buy for next to nothing and then sprayed on Blackfriars paint to get a very smooth finish. Large sheets that i cut after spraying and then stacked and sprayed the cut edges in piles of about 100. Could stick the boards onto anything with double sided tape.
easy to make and looked great. :)

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The only problem I've found with the blackboard vinyl is it tends to wear out quickly. I ran out of time on a job and didn't have time to paint, so I wazzed some blackboard vinyl on one of the pub chalkboards I've been doing, after 4 weeks of use, it looked aweful :-? The painted variety are still going strong after 7 months. Whether I just had a bad one, I don't know, maybe it was past its sell by or something :-?

I do similar for painting chalkboards, either use 3/4 inch ext. ply, foamboard (but it tends to scratch easily) or I've recently tried MDF and as others have said, easy to paint, looks great :D

Cheers, Dewi

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