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Roland Colorip


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Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 5:08 pm

Roland Colorip

Hello all of you sign gurus
We are using the Versacamm through the signlab rip, which is easy enough. I thought, in my foolishness, that I would give the Roland Rip a try.
I have some "previously created" EPS files which won't import properly into Signlab 7.
Now it could be me, (I am not ruling out that possibility), but I find the Colorip it to be the most UNFRIENDLY rip software I have ever chanced upon.
Now I get the preview screen and the chosing of the media and quality etc, and all of that is confusing enough, but how in the name of beelzebub do you get multiple copies nested together (as opposed to one after the other down the length of the vinyl).
ALL (bar none) of the rips that I have used in the past have been very user friendly - every situation catered for - full preview screen of multiple copies. Easy "click me" buttons that do exactly what they say on the tin.

I must hand it to Roland for getting it completely wrong - the print quality is ok but by the time I have got it to do what I want it to do I am standing in a small mound of my own hair.

Yours sincerely
Hairless in Seattle

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Post Sat Nov 13, 2004 2:45 am

Actually , it is one of the best Rips available , its a WASATCH rip.
Which version do you have , ver 2.2 is available from the japanese site
Its nesting, queieing and layout features are superb.
Wasatch is a very highly regarded RIP and colorip is actually Wasatch Softrip with some of their more potent ultra pro type features.
It's not a rip for the faint hearted , there are about a zillion controls and options , however it enables one ultimate control of the print. I can tell you that it's not "intuitive" and to use it effectively one has to have played with it a fair amount and know exactly how one setting affects another.
Its help files and the technical section at are pretty good. You also have to DL the latest profiles for media or have the ability to profile, tweak profiles and calibrate yourself to use it optimally.
It works best in a full colour workflowed environment , IE when input profiles , monitor profiles and output profiles etc are all optimised (and this is somewhat of a daunting task to do) so if you are happy with your old rip and dont need the features and are not prepared to spend a fair amount of time with it , it might be best to use what's worked for you. As I say , changing to this RIP will mean that you will have to start from scratch re matching prints you have already done with another RIP.
I have a feeling that the failure to nest might be the way you exported to EPS. You have an option of exporting the graphic only or the page , you might have exported the whole page.

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Post Sat Nov 13, 2004 5:38 am

Have to agree with Rodney here.

I have been using the Roland RIP since I got my new machine 4 months ago

I have used other RIPs but this is the easiest I have ever had the opportunity to use in the past.

I only ever use eps files, and I have never had a problem. Nesting can be a problem granted, but it is usually related to the imported file, not the RIP itself.

I was never trained on the RIP either. It came with my machine but the company that I purchased it from did not see a need to train me as they considered it so easy to use. I was up and running on my own in 1 hour.

To be fair tho, the company did match the ICC profiles to the materials I use, so I would have no problem producing a good print.

I am sorry you are having difficulty, it may be worth getting whoever you purchased the software from to come out and do some explaining. It would be worth it, if not just to save getting a bigger bald spot!

Hope it all works out in the long run.


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Post Sat Nov 13, 2004 9:07 am

Must be an English thing

Got to agree with Rodney and Shane Im not a graphic designer or even make signs (I just sell them) and I can work the Roland RIP after only being shown once.

The only thing that can be tricky is if you are a using a product that you do not know the profile for

Regards Adrian

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Post Sat Nov 20, 2004 12:45 am

I totally agree with the all the other comments here. Colorip is a fine RIP. Yes the front end initally looks a little clunky - but will make sense very quickly.

I just thought I'd drop a note about those EPS files of yours in SignLAB 7. Have you tried using the Link command in the file menu. This does not import the file into SignLab, merely a low res preview (if there is one in the EPS) or sometimes just a empty box with the filename in it. However, it will print them properly. Go on - give it a go !

Happy Printing,

Mike Antrum.

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