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kiwi in london


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kiwi in london

hi you guys, im glad i found this site, its awesome, i hope to learn from you all and maybe meet sometime. I am a graphics/art teacher from new zealand and have been living in hammersmith-london 3 1/2 years. I also do a lot of freelance signwriting, airbrush murals and t shirt printing. I have lots of questions to ask and have enjoyed reading your stuff.
hope to speak with lot soon, im still just learning to find my way aropund this site. Ps i want to be able to access the demos etc, what do i have to do??
bye for now, my nick name is monty :dance1: :dance1: :funky:
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Welcome Monty, you have to be a member to see the demos & some other areas. Find out how here

Or click on the "Get Access" button on the front page.

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Hi Monty

Welcome aboard.

I am sure you will find lots of helpful advice here. Rob will fill in you in I am sure on membership of the forums.

Where are you from in NZ?
I moved to the UK from Wellington 7 years ago, but have two sons still living & working in Wellington.


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:wink: Hi Monty.
Are you a painter then?
I use stuff my art teacher taught me to this day.
Welcome aboard.

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I also do a lot of freelance signwriting, airbrush murals and t shirt printing.

Guess your schedule's full Monty

Hammersmith is where there used to be a college for signwriting
Don't know if they still run it

Hammersmith's a nightmare for traffic. Always steer clear if at all possible

Welcome aboard Monty

Have fun


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thanks guys , feels like one big family already, I am from taranaki and i miss ther ocean where i used to go surfing everynight after school and scuba diving on weekends. Yes there is hoorible traffic probs here.
Yes I paint using airbrush and sprayguns, I have done huge murals in New Zealland, California and some in London, I placed second in the new zealand national sign and display awards for both murals and vehicle graphics, I have done airbrush training in Las Vegas and want to develop other areas so i dont have to teach kids all my life,man they dont know what discipline or manners are anymore. Therefor i want to pick your guys brains for anu tips etc and are keen to help out where i can too. I am at present doing a few signs etc with my cutting machine i bought over here. bye for now

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Post Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:11 pm

hi monty
great to have you here mate... reading the posts you have made, you sound like you do some real interesting stuff. look forward to seeing more of you on the boards.

welcome aboard :wink:

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Post Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:48 pm

hi monty!! :P

a big hi from me too!! :welcome: :welcome:


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Post Sat Oct 30, 2004 8:28 am

Hello Monty :D


Carrie & Stephen :D


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