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using edge to print numberplates


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Post Tue Aug 24, 2004 9:49 pm

using edge to print numberplates

Is anyone using an edge to print numberplates. If so how are you doing it?
I have tried printing onto the reflective but it can have problems like creasing and also it is expensive to do one set of plates. Another disadvantage is the adhesive back requires vinyl to cover it. Can you get a reflective with sprocket holes and no adhesive on the back.
Are you better printing onto clear, but it also has problems as the yellow reflective when laminated on the back causes colour changes compared to the front white one. Also if there is a line around the plate it can be noticeable if it runs of a little. I realise one of those printers designed for numberplates probably is the answer but for all the plates I do it would be hard to justify,
Any sugestions as to how to overcome the above problems would be gratefully appreciated. As it is I feel they are more bother than they are worth.

Thanks Ian Rankin

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Post Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:37 pm

Maybe a little different, but I print my number plates on the PC60. All I do is print black onto clear vinyl, lay the vinyl onto a reflective backing and apply the acrylic fronts. Whole process, design to finish, is less than 20 minutes and if you use 40% black you can print a kind of ghosted image to the background of the plate, adds about £10 to the retail price :D

If I want to add a colour strip on the left hand side, I print this onto white vinyl, then lay it up along side the clear (with the clear reduced in size a little) then pop on the acrylic face. Does that even make sense? :roll:

The hardest part of the whole process I've found is changing the rolls of vinyl! Rodney's tips a couple of months back on using CorelDRAW for printing/cutting have been used again and again, its saved me more time than a watchmaking bank manager who happens to save your time in a special time account! :D << Oh dear, too much Budweiser again :oops:

Cheers, Dewi

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Post Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:10 am

hey Dewi,

Where do you get your reflective vinyl and perspex from for your number plates?


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Post Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:13 am

I have an Oki printer for number plates and in my view the quality of prints, especially colour is rubbish. I suppose if you're not at all fussy (and neither are your customers), then it would probably suffice.

My Oki is only used now and again for basic black only number plates for the likes of trailers. Basically it's the only way to get rid of my stock of the Oki type number plate blanks. These plates are plastic, not acrylic with a reflective and adhesive on the top. The print is onto clear acetate in reverse and then applied to the top of the plate. They look cheap next to acrylic plates.

I use my Versacamm to print onto clear and the quality is far superior. The yellow background still bleeds through colours but not as bad as the Oki. The Only cure is to back/overprint the coloured parts with white.

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Post Wed Aug 25, 2004 12:18 pm

Thanks for replies. I have some success this morning printing onto clear with a white primer under the colours. This was then set on the bench
face up and the sticky acrylic had the liner pulled back about 25mm from one end and carefully set on top. when this was lined up the sticky end was pushed down to make contact with the clear. This was then carefully taken to the rollers and the first bit rolled then the liner was completly removed and the whole plate rolled through. The reflective was applied using the same method. result was good although the quality of the adhesive on the back of the plate isn't great. The plates now appear to be
cast and not as clear as before.
Whats the going rate for special plates?
I sell single colour for £18 and shadows for £22

Regards Ian Rankin

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Post Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:37 pm

racer132 wrote:hey Dewi,

Where do you get your reflective vinyl and perspex from for your number plates?


Automarque, their advert is on the main page, bottom left hand side :D Good prices and rapid delivery, they make me a happy bunny :wink:

Cheers, Dewi

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