Post Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:50 pm

Onyx 12 RIP - missing cut lines in Cut Server

Hi All
Just wondering if anybody else on the planet is having difficulty / issues with generating cut lines with Onyx 12 Cut Server.
I am getting a totally hit and miss results when using it - partially created cut lines (missing lines here and there).

I've been printing for many years now and I am pretty good with software so I can't quite get my head around why I seem to be the only one on the entire internet with these issues (judging from my search results).

I have read and re-read the set up guidelines and changed all the offsets, spline settings, cut-contour naming rules etc yet I still get cut files created with missing lines (a box with 3 sides for instance). Even the people from Perfect Colours (who we bought the RIP from) couldn't fix the problem. Given that Onyx is a well established piece of software I find it hard to understand that it has these issues so I am assuming that - either I am doing something wrong, or possibly there is a Windows version problem (Windows 7 on one machine / 10 on another).

I am mostly using the PDF trim option as that suits my needs in most cases (and saves time - when it works).
I do set up with a CutContour spot colour for decals and shaped prints.

If anybody out there has any pearls of wisdom which they'd like to share I would be eternally grateful