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Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?


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Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?


I have ordered a new VG2-640 and am now struggling to make the right choice in regards to the ink setup. I have ruled out the CMYKLcLmLk + Orange and am now stuck deciding between 2x CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk + White.

I will mainly use the printer for vehicle graphics and other signage where I would like to achieve a finish perhaps comparable to a typical bus stop 6 sheet advertisement.

Is it worth sacrificing the smoother colours in favour of being able to print a lot faster if business does go well?

Furthermore, I find the idea of printable vinyl such as the Arlon IllumiNITE very appealing - will the lack of white ink cause me issues in that regard?

Is there anything else that might not be visible at face value?

I would greatly appreciate any advice as I am seriously stuck.

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Re: Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?

I can't advise on colour setup but can advise on cmykx2 setup. Works well for us, not a great deal quicker than our old machines and you have to replace each colour in pairs as it is almost like having twin fuel tanks fed by gravity. I didn't want the hassle of messing about with the lighter colours.

Good luck

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Re: Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?

I had the CMYKLmLcLkW VG-640 which I got rid of for a dual CMYK Mimaki .. I NEVER used the white in the whole 2.5 years of owning the VG .. Yet I still replaced the cartridge 4 times due to it's cleaning as the white ink needs to be circulated and cleaned more. I would never buy another machine with white in it. Nor orange I imagine.. The light colours were good but Dual CMYK doesn't look any different in every day printing..

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