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Decommissioning Mimaki CJV150


Steve Newell

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Decommissioning Mimaki CJV150

I am planning to decommission my CJV150 (solvent) printer due to moving house next month. The printer will be in storage for several months with no power so I need to remove all the ink from it but I am not sure how to do it. The manual only covers leaving the printer for a week or so.
What I was going to do was change all the ink cartridges for solvent ones, do a custody wash, clean the capping station and around the head then use the fill ink function to pump solvent around the system. Does this seem correct?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Denise Goodfellow

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Re: Decommissioning Mimaki CJV150

I seem to remember our Mimaki came with cleaning carts in the ink slots. These were replaced with ink carts and the ink drawn through by disconnecting the ink lines under the head via the removable panel.

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