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Roland GR 640 2nd cutter same problems! VG nothing but issues too


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Post Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:19 am

Roland GR 640 2nd cutter same problems! VG nothing but issues too

Hi all

Hopefully Roland will ring me after seeing this as no reply!
Two new machines £20.000 Cash, problems every week

Does anyone have alignment issues on a GR?
We are now on our second GR that was replaced by Roland due to so many issues
This one seems not much better!
Roland came out to change some wheels which I did not see how that would make any difference to alignment
and has not one bit

I have sent email with pictures and no dam reply, fed up!
On a long cut even on a 1500mm cut it runs out and the cut does not meet up on stripes and graphics, Some times as much as 5-8mm!
we always run the vinyl through first before cut, Always perfect before cut

I have two new Rolands nothing but issues for 12 months, The printer (VG 640 12 months old now) never been right, it was not even built to a standard with bits missing off the head causing massive issues with the head clipping the clips and smashing the head weekly
I also Have massive problems with alignment still on the printer, Print and cut test is fine, Crazy!
We were sent some rubber spacers! Not a clue what they were for, How to fix them and seemed pointless, No call no instruction
Then the head smashed a clip and had a new head replaced,The issue never went away after an engineer came out so I took it into my own hands to find the head was actually missing parts and the back bar was stuck on with Glue!

Bring back my GCC Jaguar cutter and Cadet Printer, a quarter of the price no issues what a big mistake!
We are a very busy company and I'am so frustrated, Can anyone recommend a top end cutter that is accurate and fast?
Cost is not an issue and never was when we purchased the roland's, I was under the impression Roland machines were top end

Drained fed up loosing money and really really annoyed with the whole experience of Roland

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Post Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:39 am

Re: Roland GR 640 2nd cutter same problems! VG nothing but issues too

We have a gr640 which was also plagued with problems when we got it. You'll find a couple of posts on here with me bitching about it. Refusing to read crop marks was one of the most frustrating. Firmware and versaworks updates solved all our problems apart from one where the material got jammed after been cut off and caused a motor error. This was fixed by a new part that was supplied by Roland. Really surprised they haven't got you sorted as we found them to be very helpful. Machine has been running perfect now for months although I do find an alignment issue when ran at full speed (60cm/s). We normally just run it at 20 or 30 cm/s. Runs off after a couple of sheets if cutting multiple sheets with allignmet marks, keep having to un-setup and manually realign the sheet. Had hoped to be able to print sheets of stickers on our gr640 then stick them in the GR to cut. Not ideal as up keep having to babysit it and constantly change the blade position for cutting and perfing.

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