Post Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:51 pm

Couldn`t make today up! Customers driving me mad, some my fault too.

customer, orders hoodies and t shirts to be screen printed, done them before. My last email to him was asking if the print was to be white on all of the order...

Picks up and says the army green should have been black print. Showed him the email and he said I didn`t mean the green shirts.

If it wasn`t for customers it`ll be a geat job

Orders a rubber stamp, pays well over the odds for a quick delivery, sends artwork at the correct size as it has to fit in a box on some business cards, they adjust the size to 25mm. The trade printer wont have it that they`ve done wrong, they insist that they have a range of different sizes and the size you choose is the size of the image it stamps... costs me £35

Orders next day delivery bsiness cards and i load up the same image, rings 2 seconds later to ask to alter it and I`m too late. Cost me £40

roll on next week